Community Involvement

For more than 40 years, we’ve worked to positively impact our communities. We’re proud of our not-for-profit heritage and are committed to improving the health of the areas in which we live and work.


We’re deeply involved in the community through various nonprofits and support organizations. At the request of area organizations, our team members offer their talents and expertise by serving as volunteer leaders on various boards.

photo of a group of duncan regional volunteers

Community Health Needs Assessment

We’ve found one of the best ways to serve our communities is to understand the specific health issues faced by those who call them home. Every three years an initiative to assess the health needs of Stephens County (with Jefferson County to be added in 2019) and its residents is conducted. According to our 2015 report, the top four health issues identified were:

  • Mental Health/Substance Abuse
  • Healthy Living
  • Safety/Injury Prevention
  • Cancer

In response, task forces have been established to ensure our programs and services help address these needs.

View our 2015 Community Health Needs Assessment Report here

View our 2013 Community Health Needs Assessment Report here

Pathways to Healthy Living

Working through a community health needs assessment process; we and a number of community agencies realized a need for community coordination and communication on health across Stephens and Jefferson Counties. 

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