The Marketing and Communications Office at DRH Health is responsible for the hospital’s media relations, internal & external communications, organizational publications, brand standards, advertising, website content, and fundraising community events hosted by the hospital.

We will gladly assist in connecting the media with experts in clinical care, as well as community and public health topics. We also assist members of the media in obtaining limited condition reports for patients involved in newsworthy events.

You can reach the Marketing and Communications Office at 580.251.8844

The contacts listed on this page are for media inquiries only. To ensure that your request is responded to efficiently, if you are not a news reporter, please direct all inquiries to the following:

To check on a patient’s condition, call the main information desk at 580.251.8496

To report a patient concern, call our patient advocate at 580.251.6897.

Guidelines for reporting a story at a DRH Health facility

These standards have been established to protect patient’s privacy and to ensure federal HIPAA law is being followed. Members of the media who wish to conduct interviews/record video/take photos at a hospital, clinic or other DRH Health location (including parking areas at these properties) must be accompanied by a member of the DRH Health communication team.

Members of the media can conduct interviews, take photos, or record video from the public sidewalk on the street in front of the facility, so long as patients, visitors, and caregivers on the campus are not visible in any shots (this includes individuals in the parking lot, as well as those entering and exiting the facilities).