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“The following links all require multi factor authentication (2FA) if accessed from outside the DRH Health network. If you have not already enrolled in 2FA you may be prompted to do so when you access any of the links below. When you enroll, you will be able to utilize a downloadable application (Imprivata ID) from your respective phone App Store. When enrolling, choose the Imprivata ID app, or choose “another method” and select the SMS (text) option by providing your cell phone number for a text code.

We understand that security is inconvenient, but it is necessary when cyberattacks in healthcare are at an all-time high nationwide. Please continue to be patient as we strive to protect our systems and patient information. You are all key to maintaining our environment’s integrity and safety, and we appreciate your vigilant effort!”


Citrix (Change Password)

Meditech LIVE 

Meditech TEST


Meditech webExpanse Client Settings...

If this is the first time using Meditech webExpanse on a particular device, you will need to set up a client device. Click the link below for the instructions.

MESH Installation

Certain areas of Meditech webExpanse require installing the MEDITECH Extended Software and Hardware feature, aka “MESH” to be able to print. Click the link below for the instructions…


Care Select Imaging