Affirmation for Addiction

I am a person of worth – my life matters.  I have a place where I am right now – a place that is positive.   And even if I don’t quite see that place yet, as I get better that place will become evident.  I am important to someone though maybe right now I am confused who that is.  I have today – the present.  What happened in the past has shaped who I am today.  And though there are elements of that past that are very hurtful, fearful, harmful and hateful, I have the power within to allow healing from these things.  I yet don’t have tomorrow.  But that is fine – tomorrow will take care of and unfold as it will.  I have THE PRESENT – a gift from the Creator that is “my time.”  Today I have the opportunity to do something different – something better – something that is healthy.  But that presents a choice.  And the choice I make will either keep me where I am, move me further in an unhealthy direction or will move me toward the better.  Change is scary – especially if I allow my past to cloud my mind I continue not believing me – supporting me – affirming me.


Today I will take the present and make a change –  even if it is only a little one.  But the change I make I will continue to do for every “today” I have.  I have a PRESENT just waiting to be opened and used.  I choose the PRESENT that builds me up – not tears me down.  I choose the moment and not all of those past hurts and disappointments because today I have choices.  I will do at least one thing that is good, helpful, encouraging and of value for someone else because I want to share the PRESENT with someone else.  And when I go to bed tonight, I will think about that and remember that thing I did for someone else.  And I will ask the Creator for strength and desire to make the next TODAY a day of value – for me.

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