Water/Lake Safety Tips

It’s summer that means schools out, weekend BBQs, and swimming in the lake! So, in order to make the most of these holidays and your summer fun, let’s remember 7 Lake and Swimming Safety Tips!

1.) Know the Safest Place to Swim!
Whether man-made or natural, there may be hidden dangers in that lake you pick. If you aren’t familiar with the area, be sure to ask where the safest swimming place is. You don’t want to encounter big rocks!

2.) Don’t DRINK the water!
There may be lots of tiny microorganisms just waiting to take up house in your stomach so don’t drink the water. Untreated fresh water can be dangerous with nasty microbes so avoid an ugly disease by not drinking the water or allowing it to get up into your nose either.

3.) Have a life jacket, preferably a USCG approved one, for everybody, especially kids and anyone who does not swim!  Even Olympic swimmers can’t stop something from pulling them under water. A life jacket keeps you afloat and worse case will pop you back above the water if you get forced down for any reason. You may have wait for rescue so a life jacket helps you stay afloat while you tread water. This is a must for all KIDS!

4.) Never Swim Alone!
It is easy to lose track of all the swimmers. Use the buddy system because it can only take a few minutes to go missing and drown. You need someone to help look out for you. You can also assign an adult “Water Watcher” to supervise kids. Make sure this person is focused on watching the water and not reading, socializing, texting, or napping.

5.) Think before you jump!
Don’t jump right from the boat or dock, or diving board until you know how deep and safe it is. You don’t want to hit your head or break your neck. Make sure if the dock is lit, that is it safe with no electrical lines down or broken.

6.) Throw, Don’t Go!
If you see someone struggling in the water, don’t swim out to them. Toss them a flotation device or extend a pole or tree branch that they can grab. You could be pulled under too. They could panic and pull you down with them.

7.) Last but not least, Don’t Drink and Swim!
Drinking alcohol impairs your ability to think clearly, navigate, and make good decisions about swimming, boating, and recreating safely. If drinking, stay on land, and don’t boat or drive.