Please note that you only have to register one time for the COVID-19 waitlist. you will be taken to a Thank You confirmation page once you register successfully and we will work you in as quickly as possible.

Please ONLY register one time and NOT week to week.


To use every dose of the COVID-19 vaccine responsibly, DRH Health has created this public vaccination waitlist. While vaccination appointments and doses are still a little unpredictable, DRH Health is working closely with the Oklahoma State Department of Health to make sure “NO Dose Goes Unused.”

Each week, we will be monitoring our vaccine supply. When there are doses available through cancellations, extra doses, or increased supply, we will start calling those registered on this waitlist, in order of signup, to have them come in for vaccinations. As we plan future vaccination clinics, we will pull from the waitlist to fill spots as quickly as we can.

DRH Health is committed to our friends, families and to making sure “NO Dose Goes Unused.”

Process, Timeframes, and Plan?

Each Tuesday, DRH Health will evaluate the number of vaccine doses available to administer to the community per the Oklahoma State Department of Health COVID-19 Vaccine Plan. When we know there are doses of vaccine available, we will start contacting people from the waitlist to fill appointments for those vaccine doses.

On vaccine clinic day (Thursday or Friday), IF there are any no-shows, reschedules, or other doses become available, we will start calling people on the waitlist to come in for vaccination within one (1) hour. If you are called for an “available dose” and cannot make it within one (1) hour, that is no problem. We will leave you on the waitlist and move on to another person. We will try again as other doses are available.

Booster Vaccinations?

It will be critical to receiving a booster vaccination of the same brand of vaccine you received on your initial dose. Once your vaccination is complete, DRH Health will immediately schedule you for a booster vaccination. Please do not miss the booster vaccination.

What if I get vaccinated at another clinic?

Should you be vaccinated at another clinic, please let us know so we can remove you from the waitlist.

Please email us at waitlist@drhhealth.org and ask to be removed.

COVID-19 Vaccination Waitlist

Conducted on Thursday and Friday as vaccines are available. Currently accepting waitlist registrations for Adults over 65 yrs of age, healthcare workers, and first responders.
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