Why Can’t I Recover By Myself?

Why is it important to involve others in the process of my recovery? Actually there are several very important reasons.

  1. Your addiction didn’t manifest in a vacuum. Though you alone are responsible for yourself and your own recovery, other people were affected by the addiction and are instrumental in ultimate recovery. Sometimes amends need to be made. Sometimes just the fellowship and support of those who love and are concerned about you are necessary.
  2. It is important to recover with others in recovery. Often in a group of those in recovery, different people are at different points in recovery and can offer their own experience, strength and hope to enhance your own recovery.
  3. Recovery in a group actively attacks the toxic shame that surrounds addiction. Knowing and admitting to others who also are in recovery helps to overcome the shame that is inherent in addiction.
  4. Serving as a help to someone else in recovery. The experience strength and hope you have achieved in recovery serves others. Getting out of yourself and serving as a help to someone else in recovery helps to strengthen your own recovery.

If you are struggling with the consequences of addiction, we offer help. Beyond medication that helps to address the brain sickness of addiction, we offer the needed group counseling that helps to address and heal the mind sickness of addiction. If you are ready to begin this process of recovery, we are here to help you achieve that ultimate goal of a life of recovery.

The Duncan Regional Hospital Behavioral and Addiction Health clinic is here to help anyone who is caught in the throes of addiction. Our providers had skill and experience to successfully treat the disease of addiction. The treatment is compassionate and a comprehensive outpatient treatment that addresses those elements that have been disordered due to addiction. If you or someone you love is willing to accept treatment, we are here to provide.

Dan Criswell, MD
Duncan Behavioral Health and Addiction

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