If you or a loved one live alone, do you worry about getting quick help in the event of a fall or other medical emergency? Subscribing to Duncan Regional Hospital’s Lifeline services means help is at hand 24/7 with a push of a button.

While Philips Lifeline is primarily utilized in medical emergencies, the system also allows you or a loved one to:

  • Answer the telephone without having to rush to grab a handset and risk falling.
  • Maintain peace of mind knowing that help is available at the press of a button.
  • Receive daily reminders regarding medications or other tasks.

Philips Lifeline takes the time to learn all about you. So when you press your help button, the highly trained Lifeline Monitor who answers your call knows your unique needs and concerns before you even say a word. Your health and well-being are our only concern. We’re always there when you need us.


The Lifeline service requires a $40.00 installation fee, with two customized systems to choose from that suit a variety of needs:

Basic System:
With Landline Phone – $29.95/month
Wireless (no landline phone) – $40.00/month

Auto Alert System (Detects falls)
With Landline Phone – $40.00/month
Wireless (no landline phone) – $55.00/month

For more information, please call 580-252-4700 or click here.